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ZuSo is a software service that will simplify and manage all dental-related procurement.

Our Story

As the global pandemic struck, independent dental practices without existing online supply management systems faced immense challenges in maintaining their operations, especially with supply chain disruptions of dental equipment and consumable items.  In response, ZuSo emerged as a solution, offering a vendor management tool and a cloud based marketplace to these independent dental offices.

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Meet Our Team

The ZuSo Team is a collaboration of experienced dental specialists in the areas of dental office management and dental supply/equipment procurement, along with accomplished technology leaders from multiple software startups.

ZuSo Founders

Laura Zuelke

Laura Zuelke is a dynamo in the dental industry, bringing over a decade of in-depth experience to her role as the Founder and Chief Client Success OfficerRead more

Michael Zuelke

Michael Zuelke is a venerable pillar in the dental industry, with a rich legacy spanning over four decades. As the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, he brings a lifetime of ingrained expertise to his role.  Read more

Bob Carilli

As Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Bob's expertise includes project management, business data analytics, customer experience management, marketing and technology strategy.

Jim Lout

Serving as an Advisor and member of the Board of Directors, Jim Lout is a luminary in the realm of business leadership and strategic development, whose career spans various industries. Read more

ZuSo’s advisory team includes the following individuals:

John Hayden

John has been involved in software startups for 20 years, founding two companies and selling one, while also serving on multiple advisory boards. He is currently the President at The Dyrt, the top-rated camping app in the U.S.

Phillip Pavelka

Phillip has over 11 years of experience in contract manufacturing, managing all production and purchasing departments as operations manager, and over five years of experience in SAAS start-ups in roles including customer success, solutions consulting, and account executive.

Grant Turner

Grant has 20 years in the technology industry, working in government, publishing, sports media, and analytics, fintech, and manufacturing.  His current focus is in helping startups and high growth companies build solid SRE and dev ops practices.

Judah Garfinkle

Judah is a board-certified orthodontist and has been practicing in Oregon for over 17 years.  He is also the Director of Craniofacial Orthodontics at Oregon Health and Science University.  He received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Harvard University.


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