Our Services

ZuSo is a software service dedicated to transforming the way dental practices manage supplies, equipment and technical service.

Our Software Enables You To:

Our Key Solutions

At ZuSo Dental, we specialize in providing an innovative technology solution tailored to empower dental practices across the globe. By streamlining supplier relations, we redefine the synergy between dental practices and suppliers, creating a more efficient, collaborative, and profitable ecosystem.

Solving Your Problems

The current relationship between a dental office and its suppliers is one built on multiple calls, text messages, emails, impromptu meetings, and Internet orders, disrupting the efficiency and productivity of the office.

As a concierge to the dental community, ZuSo provides a seamless ecosystem bringing purchasing power to the dentist and their team members.

The Problem: Time

  • Multiple vendors means multiple websites to place orders
  • New equipment information research is time consuming
  • Calling to schedule a Service Tech

Our Solution

  • ZuSo has all your clinical supplies from any vendor all in one place
  • ZuSo uses AI Learning of your spending habits
  • You can set budgets in ZuSo
  • With ZuSo you can review and approve orders before placing them

The Problem: Money

  • Assistant turnover means training new employees how to order, resulting in costly errors and over-spending
  • Equipment proposals can expire and prices can change while you're making a decision
  • Incorrect parts ordered

Our Solution

  • ZuSo does the research and provides information on new equipment
  • ZuSo obtains and stores all equipment proposals
  • ZuSo keeps track of equipment inventory

The Problem: Lost Production

  • Ordering incorrect items or quantities result in not having the products you need when you need them which can cause rescheduled appointments
  • Getting the wrong equipment for the job
  • Improper Maintenance Logs (handpieces, compressors, vacuums, etc.)

Our Solution

  • ZuSo keeps track of the right parts needed for future purchase
  • ZuSo keeps a log of all repairs including handpieces
  • ZuSo tracks and notifies you for preventative maintenance
  • ZuSo can contact and get a service tech to your office when needed